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Can I sue for a Dog Bite?

My son (paperboy) was bit by a dog last week. Does Massachusetts law allow us to sue for that? (I'm not going to sue, but was just wondering.)

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Yes, Mass Law allows for suit for a dog bite. In fact, in the Commonwealth, dog bites fall under what is called strict liability. This means you are entitled to collect for damages and do not have to prove liability--as the mere fact that there was a dog bite is enough. In addition, home owners insurance can cover these types of claims. A demand letter can be enough to receive compensation.  For more information, see Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140, Section 155.

It is always a good idea to discuss the dog bite and damages with a personal injury attorney, not only because they can help you deal with the insurance company, but because in some cases, victims of dog bites my be entitled to triple damages.  Good luck.

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