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Can I get unemployment benefits in Massachusetts with a severance package?

Was laid off last month and am currently receiving severance pay that will continue for another three months. Can I get unemployment insurance from Massachusetts while collecting my severance pay or do I have to wait till it is done? Thanks.

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The old rule was that a former employee may not collect unemployment insurance while collecting severance pay.  However, there were some recent court opinions that cast doubt on this hard and fast rule.  In Connolly v. Director of the Division of Unemployment Assistance, 460 Mass. 24, 29 (2011), the Court held that, under Massachusetts law, it is possible that employees might be able to collect unemployment benefits after accepting a voluntary incentive or severance package, but they must show that they had reason to believe they were in imminent danger of losing their jobs, a "take this package or get fired with nothing" kind of situation. 

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