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Can I get SSDI if I own my home?

I own a home that actually has some equity in it. Does that mean I cannot get SSDI or SSI benefits? I think I should still get it because, from what I have read, it seem like the disability is more important than how much I make or what I own. Right?

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Yes.  For Social Security Disability Insurance, it does not matter what you own, because your eligibility is based on having worked a certain number of years and having a qualified disability. 
Your home ownership (your actual residence) is also irrelevant if you apply for SSI, because the SSA does not consider all assets when determining eligibility.  In addition to your home, you can own a life insurance policy with a face value of $1,500 or less, a car, and a burial plot.  Good luck, and please tell your friends about The Forum.

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