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Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

Realistically, will I be able to get loans and credit cards after I file for bankruptcy, or is going to cause more problems, in the long run, than it is worth?

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You have two separate questions.  You need to decide, perhaps with the help of an attorney or a debt counselor, if bankruptcy is something you need to do.  If it is, then you just have to deal with the ramifications of that decision.
Yes, after you file bankruptcy it will be more difficult to obtain credit, and you will pay more for it.  Some companies actively market to those with poor credit or a prior bankruptcy, but, again, you pay more for those loans.  However, as time goes on (within 2 to 3 years after the discharge of your debts) and you build a new credit and work history, you should find that lenders are more willing to work with you.  For more complete information, discuss this issue with your attorney or debt counselor.  Good luck, and please tell your friends about The Forum.

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