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Can I file motion to re-open chapter 13 bankruptcy?

I would like to know if it is possible to file a motion to re-open my bankruptcy case chapter 13, Unbeknownst to me my atty filed for a dismissal and it was granted in March of this year. What would the chances be of myself filing for this motion. Time is of the essence for me. Thank you for your replies

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You need to talk to your original attorney and find out why he or she filed to dismiss the case.  With bankruptcy matters--especially a somewhat complicated issue like this one--I do not recommend doing it on your own.   Having said that, bankruptcy cases can be reopened in some cases for certain specified reasons.  Courts have allowed cases to be reopened in cases where additional assets are discovered that were not administered in the original case, the debtor needs to amen schedules or creditor list, and to grant a discharge or other relief.  For example, if the bankruptcy was closed without a discharge being given because the debtor failed to complete her debtor education course, the matter may be opened and discharge granted upon completion of the course.

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