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Can I evict stepmother from my house?

My father and I jointly owned his house since the 1980's. In 2008, he signed ot completely over to me and is in a Trust in my name. In 2013, he remarried someone who was an immigrant and needed a Green Card. She is my age (28 year difference between them). It is clear that the relationship they have is for companionship anf financial security. He is not a wealthy man, so I have no concerns about her taking great quantities of money. She is very nice and takes very good care of him (He is 82). They live together in the house that Ive owned outright since it was placed in my name in 2008, when my dad signed his half over to me. It is a 3 family and I collect the 2 rents monthly from the 2 tenant apartments. My dad and his wife do not pay anything towards rent or usual upkeep repairs. I pay all repair bills, taxes, water, etc. My question is, In the event that my father passes away, does she have any claim to the house and can I evict her? Thanks for any help with this.

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