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Can I do a divorce in MA without lawyer?

I realize it may be difficult to do on my own, but if money is tight do I really need a lawyer for a divorce? I'm assuming MA law allows me to represent myself, right?

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Yes, you can represent yourself in a MA divorce.  If you are talking about an uncontested divorce, and you and your soon to be Ex think you can work it out, then going without lawyers might be a reasonable option.  However, in contested divorces, especially where children are involved and there will be issues of support and custody, or if you have a fairly large marital estate or are seeking alimony, I honestly cannot recommend doing it without a lawyer.  Think about it.  If your soon to be be Ex has an attorney and you do not, you may find yourself at a huge disadvantage. After all, the attorney will only be thinking of your spouse's interests, and he or she has been involved with many, many divorces, and you have not. 
You mentioned that money is tight, but depending on your situation, you may be able to find an attorney at a reduced rate. Try MassLegalHelp ( for information about legal aid.  Also, if you and your husband think you might be able to work out your remaining disagreements, perhaps you should consider a divorce mediator, someone who can help you come to an agreement while considering the interests of both parties.
Finally, if you are sure you want to go it alone, both the MassLegalHelp site mentioned above and the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries site have many useful resources regarding divorce in MA.  Good luck.

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