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Can I be "fired" after giving 2 Week's Notice and not be paid for the notice period?

I just gave my 2 weeks notice this morning and a couple of hours later, HR told me they don't have enough work for me for the period and will have me work through the rest of the week (2 days) and I will only be paid through the rest of the week.

I am an Asian woman, 3rd to have given 2 weeks notice in the past 2 weeks. The other two are white males and both are allowed to work through their notice periods and be paid for it. One of them have a similar role as myself within the company.

Is this legal?


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As discussed in this post and the linked article, employers can terminate employees after receiving two week's notice.  As for your other question, an employer cannot treat you differently than other employees because of your race or national origin, etc.  However, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how difficult that type of discrimination can be to prove.  In this situation, where all that is at stake is the final week of your employment, I would let it slide and try to maintain good relations (in case you ever need a reference).  If you're beyond that point, you can always file a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  Good luck.

If an employee gives notice and the employer decides to say, you don't need to come back anymore, doesn't that change the terms from quitting to firing? And if so, can the person that collect unemployment?

You quit.  The employer is declining your offer of staying for two additional weeks.

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