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Can husband and wife use same lawyer for divorce?

My husband and I have no kids and are getting a divorce. We pretty much agree on the what we want in our separation agreement so we thought we should just hire one lawyer to save money. Is that OK?

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No.  Attorneys have an ethical obligation to avoid conflicts of interest, and the arrangement you are suggesting is a conflict of interest just waiting to happen.  Even though you think you have all the issues ironed out, something could pop-up when it comes down to reducing your agreement to writing.  At that point, your attorney would be in a tough spot. 
However, if you and your husband are looking for an amicable way to create your separation agreement, you might think about divorce mediation.  There are many lawyers in MA that perform this service.  Also, in cases where there is very little disagreement between the two spouses, you can save money by having two attorneys split the work.  For example, your lawyer can draft the divorce documents, and your husband's lawyer can review them.  Good luck.

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