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Can Employer change terms of my employment before I start?

I recently went to work for a company resort near Martha's Vinyard who came and hired me in another state for the season from May to September for a set position. Recently I checked the schedule and they changed my postion without my approval, to a lower less paid postion. They will have cost me around 24k for this season and I wont be able to pay my bills if I stay and I need to relocate back to the west coast which is like another 1k. I have a contract which states they can fire me at anytime but not that they can change my position to a lesser paid. I really feel like the manager is out to get me, if I stay, my appeal with this problem will make it an uncomfortable place to work. Do I have any legal rights to ask for a sum of money lost?

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I would certainly have an employment law attorney take a look at the documentation.  Even if you are just an employee at will (I can't tell from your description) if the employer induced you to take certain action through the agreement or to incur certain foreseeable expenses, you may have a legitimate claim for compensation.  Frequently, a well-worded letter from an experienced attorney can convince the employer to change its course.  And the attorney should definitely be able to give you some advice about whether or how you should proceed with the position.  Good luck, and please tell your friends about The Forum.

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