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Can Custodial Parent make Temporary Changes to Visitation Schedule?

My son sees his father once a week for 5 hours. The order is that this take place on Saturdays. The father constantly cancells his visits, and averages 2 visits a month instead of four. Anyway, my son wanted me to sign him up for basketball, and so I did. I was just informed of the game times/day and it happens to fall during father's visitation. Called my ex, and he is refusing to take my son to his basketball games, nor will he switch times or days with me so that I can take my son to his games. My child heartbroken and in tears.  The kicker is the basketball program only lasts for 6 weeks, and frankly, the father will most likely cancel 3 of his visits out of the 6 I am referring to.


Here's my question: Can I send a certified letter stating that for the next 6 weeks his visitation will occur on the opposite weekend day?   (Posted by TDF1025 on The Forum.)


Editor's Response:


Sorry about your situation, but you cannot unilaterally alter or modify a court order regarding visitation. You either need to get your ex-husband's permission, or go back to court to seek a modification of the schedule. You will have to file a new 'Complaint for Modification" (typically at the same probate and family court that issued the original order.) Good luck.


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