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Can Adult children criminally charge, or sue, or lien a parent for abuse, neglect and abandonment ?

Can we sue our mother for parent abuse, neglect and abandonment as adults and ask for damages regarding cost we had to pay for our support, mental health illness, PTSD etc. ?
Can we Lien her assests ? We have documentation and witness of these alleged charges.
We recenly found her, it has been 40 yrs,, she has alias first and last names and lives in GA. she is significantly wealthy.
We are from MA.
We know there is an SOL but her alias's and underground life made it futile to find her as children, it is only w social media we found her now. If children of priest abuse as adults were able to suit why wouldn't we be able to ?
We know of no relatives on the maternal side nor health and maternal history, she is now Jewish but we don't know if she converted or if we are Jewish really important to us to know...
Please dont respond with comments on it's been 40 years you are adults, get over it, your life as adults were on you etc.,you have no idea the suffering caused by her abuse to us and the fact she has and is living a comforatble fake life is so Hurtful something you Never get over and a diagnosis of Borederline personallity Disorder has been horrific to live and manage, and caused by her abuse, so please don't go there.....
If you have something Constructive and helpful that is what we are looking for.
We are asking for an Attorney to guide us in anyway.
We want to be acknowledged as her children and her Grandchildren Publicly so anyway legally to do that would be helpful also.
Thank you !

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