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Broken lease questions

Hi. Moved in to apartment first of month. Washing machine never worked. Informed landlord 5th of same month.
I broke my lease at the end of first month for personal reasons and washer still hadn't been fixed. (broken washer will be pertinent later on)

I informed landlord I was leaving and agreed to pay rent until it was re-rented. I moved all of my stuff out beginning of next month and paid the rent. I periodically go in to turn down the heat to the minimum temp. stated in the lease as the landlord has turned it up on occasion and shut off the lights the landlord leaves on; I'm still paying for utilities. I went in 3rd week of month, no one was there however the washing machine was pulled out of the closet and partially blocking the hallway and the dryer was laying on its side in one of the bedrooms. There were tools strewn all over the kitchen counter as well. I was not informed they were going to be in there fixing anything.

They had let me know a couple of times they were showing the place but after I hadn't heard anything for a couple of weeks I assumed they weren't showing it and decided to show it myself. When I showed up at the end of the month to show the apartment, the landlords were in there signing a lease with a new tenant (talk about odd timing!). I was unaware they were going to be there and was under the impression that since I had paid rent, it was still my apartment. When I walked in, they seemed clearly upset that I was there however my rent was paid. They also seemed upset that I was going to show the apartment but since I paid rent, I thought I could legally bring in any guest I want.

I fully understand that I'm in the wrong for breaking the lease however I was under the impression that since I'm paying rent I should be notified if they are entering and they can't leave their stuff strewn about while making repairs. I will pay pro-rated rent for the 3rd month however they want the keys back, I think before the rental period is over.
My questions are:
Can they enter at will when my rent is paid?
Can they make repairs, and leave a mess, during my paid tenancy?
Do I still have a right to enter if my rent is paid?
Do I have to give back the keys before I am done paying rent? I don't want to be legally responsible for somewhere I can't access.

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