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Breaking a Lease without Cotenant's approval

A woman wants to leave her boyfriend (of under 5 years), who has a history of addiction and mental health issues. The boyfriend has recently been hospitalized for severe anxiety and suicidal thoughts but is due to be discharged shortly, because it is unlikely that the state can build a sufficient case to commit him for a longer period of time. The girlfriend feels unsafe being alone in the apartment with him but both of their names are on the lease so she can't bar him entry or change the locks. She could go to the police to get some kind of restraining order, but would strongly prefer not to take that option as the boyfriend has never displayed any violent tendencies. Her landlord will allow them to break the lease assuming they pay a penalty. which the girlfriend can cover in its entirety.

Legally, can she make the decision to break the lease on her own or does she need her boyfriend's consent? And if the boyfriend refuses to allow her to break the lease, can she get herself removed from the lease so that she can pursue alternative housing for herself?

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