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Brain Death under MA law

Not really a malpractice question, but does MA have a statute or law that provides a definition of, or guidelines for, the concept of "brain death"? Can't find anything on my own online searching . . . Would appreciate citation if one exists. Thanks.

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Most states have adopted the Uniform Determination of Death Act.  As far as I know, Massachusetts has not.  However, I believe there is case law in Massachusetts that establishes some guidelines. In general, brain death is defined as the total and irreversible cessation of spontaneous brain functions, in which further attempts of resuscitation or continued supportive maintenance would not be successful in restoring such function. (See Commonwealth v. Golston, 373 Mass. 249, 355 N.E. 2nd 744, 1977.)  If you are dealing with an important decision regarding this issue, I wish you the best.  If you need help, you may want to contact a Massachusetts attorney for more specific information.

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