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Boyfriend Wants to Move in, Change in Lease?

Hey everyone,

My two friends and I recently signed a lease for a two bedroom apartment and moved in. We signed the lease in mid December and moved in on January 1st. We have the lease until June.

My boyfriend has recently decided that he would like to move in with us around the end of February. I know that my landlord was cautious about signing the lease for three people to live in the apartment, I'm not sure how he will react to asking about a fourth person.

My question is how should I go about this situation? None of the utilities are included in our rent, so no extra money per month would come out of the landlords pocket for him staying, however, I do want to offer up to an extra $200/month for him staying if it would better convince the landlord.

Do you think he would be willing to sign on another person and change the lease so soon? Is that even possible? Would it be easier to sign my boyfriend on the lease as something other than a paying tenant?

Please answer as quickly as possible!

Thank you!

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