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Bicycle theft over $250

My son received a letter to appear before a magistrate for a theft over $250. He is 12. He and another 12 year old stole a bicycle from an open garage. What is the most likely outcome of this case?
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Submitted Tue, 03/27/2012 - 22:28

He absolutely should contact a criminal defense attorney. It is important that a criminal complaint does not issue, because it will be on his record forever. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement will always have access to any criminal contacts, even juvenile. It may be possible to work out a diversion option at the hearing, but he needs to speak with a lawyer so that he does not have to speak, which would lead to him incriminating himself, which would be used against him if and when the complaint issues. Feel free to contact my office- initial phone call is free.
Attorney Benjamin Urbelis

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