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Bench warrant in MA

i have a bench warrant that turned into an immediate warrant. I failed to appear for a violation hearing a month ago. I went to a detox and live in a recovery house an hour away. Im getting a ride back home to surrender, transfer my probation, and get my car back. My license is going to be suspended in a month. If i clear my warrant what do i need to do to avoid this suspension and what will happen if i turn myself in. I have no other record besides this and the oui i am on probation for. Will i get booked and put in jail if i turn myself in. I am bringing with me documentation of the detox i went to and proof that i have been drug tested and living at a recovery house since i failed to appear.

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Submitted Sun, 03/25/2012 - 12:38

You need a lawyer. This is a serious situation. If your probation officer already sent you a notice of surrender (the violating hearing), then there's clearly other issues than just failing to appear at that hearing. This will just add to it. It sounds like you do have a valid reason, but you should have told your probation officer BEFORE the day of the hearing. In terms of the license suspension- that's probably through the RMV, and there are a lot of factors that go into RMV suspensions. Depending on the type of suspension, you may be eligible for a hardship license. If you are found in violation of probation, and you received a 24d CWOF originally, that could turn into a Guilty, which will automatically result in an additional 1 year license suspension from the RMV, on top of whatever suspension you are already facing, unless your lawyer can work out a deal to avoid that. Feel free to contact my office to discuss further, and take a look at the "Warrant for Arrest" section on my website for more info.
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