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Being hired full time but not getting full time hours.

Good afternoon,
I recently applied to A RI craigslist ad looking for construction laborers in the Rhode Island region. Upon my interview in MA where the company is located, I was hired on the spot as an at will employee. Later that day I found out that I had to work in MA traveling almost 200 miles a day from home to work on a $15.00 wage. For the first two weeks, I was making 40 hours a week, a little OT here and there putting over 1800 miles on my personal vehicle with no additional compensation even when I asked after being told by my foreman that I should be compensated.
Shortly after, I was transferred to RI to work which helped my commute expenses but then started to lose hours as the site was shutting down. I contacted my Operations Manager expressing my concern about my hours and the site closing its night hours, however he told to go there anyway so I sat in an empty lot for nothing. The next day, my Operations Manager never reached out to me to let me know what my schedule was going to be and therefore lost another day of work. The next day, he contacted me at night time to tell me to go work back in MA for the day at their office. I expressed my concern to him about the length of travel and wear and tear on my personal vehicle, however it fell on deaf ears. I refused to go and made contact with the General Manager of the company who seemed he didn't have any idea what was going on. Subsequently, I have been forced to seek other full time employment and just found out today that the company is not paying me for the times I showed up to an empty lot with exception of 3 hours a day for each day I showed up. Can someone help me, please?

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