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Behavorial Issues With Tenant

Having a background in substance abuse and have worked as a counselor, it appears that my 73 year old tenant has an alcohol prblem. His behavior is iratic, and violates some of the conditions of his lease agreement. I live in an are of $500,000 plus homes and the other day in broad daylight, went out in his briefs and t-shirt to empty his trash on trash day. I had receieved a call form my neighbors accross the street making me aware of the situation. Obviously I observed with my own eyes and was a bit taken back. What you suggest I do? Discuss it with him, or bare with it until is lease is u in 60 days and document it at this time?

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Clearly, Massachusetts law allows landlords to evict tenants if their behavior violates the terms of the lease.  However, if I understand your question correctly, the tenant's lease expires in 60 days.  Eviction is always a long and difficult process, but when you attempt to evict for cause you also must deal with issues of proof: convincing the court that the tenant violated the lease.

If I were you, I would give him notice now that you will not be renewing the lease.  Then, if he remains in the unit after the expiration of the lease, get a court order for possession and have a constable remove him.  Remember, even tenants at sufferance have rights, and self-help eviction is illegal in Massachusetts.  Good luck.

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