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Bankruptcy when bank has credit card debt and mortgage

I have my mortgage with the same company that issued a credit card to me. I'm now thinking about filing bankruptcy and I'm hoping to keep the house and wipe out the credit card debt which is pretty large. Is this going to get me in trouble? Can the card company (mortgage holder) make my life difficult or prevent me from keeping my house because I am trying to discharge a large credit card debt owned to them? Thanks in advance.

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No.  Generally speaking, if your case is managed properly (talk to a MA bankruptcy attorney), the two issues are not related.  Whether you can keep your home will depend on different factors, including whether the property is fully exempt and whether you choose to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  In any case, if you wish to keep the home, you will need to continue making payments.  Again, if your case is properly managed and if you make the payments, your lender cannot prevent you from keeping the house, even if the credit card debt is discharged.  God luck.


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