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Bank will not allow me to press charges on forged checks after 60 days

My Fiance was on a joint checking account with her grandmother. When her grandmother got very sick in January, she had to go to the hospital. In the meantime, the grandmother's son and daughter-in-law (my fiance's mother and father) started forging the grandmother's signature and cashing them in for drug money. Unfortunately, all of the mail gets delivered to the grandmother's house, where she and the two drug addicts lived, so we did not notice the forged checks until the drug addicts had already overdrawn the account. All in all, we estimated about 30 forged checks (24 happening in the month that she went into the hospital).

We then contacted a man from elder services to investigate the check fraud, as well as the fact that the parents where stealing her medication, supplementing the medication by feeding her booze, caring for her under the influence, and many many other crimes. Unfortunately, the man from elder services got sick during the investigation, delaying the process. Before he ever filed a police report, the grandmother passed away. We then called him to see if he could still process his investigation and file charges. He claimed he had to ask this boss and ended up never really giving us an answer. We called him numerous times but the is very flaky on returning calls.

Yesterday, we received a call from the bank stating that because more than 60 days have passed, we can no longer press charges against the drug addict parents. I was infuriated because it seems like the parents just get away with everything. I talked to the woman on the phone and told her the scenario and she kept saying that it was bank policy after 60 days. I asked if exceptions could be made because of extenuating circumstances, and she told us to speak to her manager. We are doing that today. Do you have any advice as to what we should say to the manager? Can we still file police charges another way? Is the bank at fault for cashing so many forged checks and can we use that as leverage to allow us to press charges? Can the bank be held responsible for the forged checks and lost money, and is there a company or government agency that regulates the banks in such incidences?

I would appreciate any help.

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