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I am a Connecticut resident who mistakenly entered a small amount of diesel fuel into my new car on the border of CT & MA. I was told to immediately have the car towed to the closest Toyota/Scion Dealer which happened to be over the border in MA. I paid over $2,000 to have the gas tank removed, cleaned and new fuel pump and filters replaced. 6 weeks later I found what appeared to be a fuel leak in my garage after smelling fuel in my garage, I also noticed it again after driving to work the same day work.

After that I spent $60 to have my AAA subscription upgraded to have the car towed back up to MA. I also took a half day off and drove my car 60 miles to sign paper work to have it looked at. After looking at the car, they told me nothing was wrong with the car. I then forwarded a picture of the leak spot in my garage and they agreed to take another look. Later that week they called and said the car was fine and they could not detect a leak and that if I had a leak, my check engine light would come on. I then drove my wife and I back up again to pick up the car. After driving the car for a day and a half the check engine light came on and wouldn't go off.

This time I drove the car to a local dealer to have them diagnose the problem. The diagnostics revealed I had small leak in the fuel system and that the history showed that in fact a Large "Gross" leak had previously existed on the car as well, which leads me to believe something was re-repaired and I wasn't told what it was. I was told by this new dealer that the car is safe enough to drive back up to MA and the initial dealer did agree to take another look but this is getting expensive and frustrating.

What options do I have if the dealer is still unable to fix the car properly. This is essentially a brand new vehicle and I'm concerned not only that I now may have a chronic safety problem with the fuel system, but that all the history on a car fax report will crush the value of the car on a resale. Do I have any options other than continuing to drive this car back and forth until they fix it. The problem is it's an eight hour job to do it correctly and I believe they just don't want to devote the man hours to fixing it correctly.

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