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Auto dealer Bankrupt | Took the money and did not deliver the car

Hello All,

My Sister who is doing her masters here in USA, She applied for a car loan and received a bank cheque. We have given that in the Local AUTO Dealer & he withdrawn the amount, but did not deliver the car. It is almost 4months that the transaction has occurred.

We have reached Auto dealer and he never responds to our call, on top of it he blocked all our numbers. We tried reaching him directly and his response was pathetic.

We tried approaching Police & they rejected to take a complaint and said “this will come under CIVIL CASE ”

We tried reaching attorney & they were asking 4 digit amount in $$$$ where she is not able to pay them in the current position as she is perusing her Masters who gets money from Rupees to Dollors.

We now tried reaching bank & explained all this, they said they will not be able to do anything except to asking us to pay the Monthly Installment payments. now we already paid 2 Month’s term payments assuming that auto dealer will give them back soon. But no LUCK.

Can someone please advise or help us on this.

Thanks in Advance !!

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