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Attorneys fees in MA workers compensation case?

Hi. Hopefully someone can give me some good information because I'm finding this all confusing. I was working at a warehouse in Massachusetts and injured by back and leg badly in a fall from a shelf unit. I just started looking for a a workers comp attorney and I'm wondering how much they get paid in fees. I believe I read that the workers compensation lawyers gets a contingency fee, so is that right?

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Yes, In Massachusetts, the attorney who handles your workers compensation case will be paid a contingency fee of not more than twenty percent, typically paid directly to the attorney by the insurance company. If you go to court and your attorney is able to get the remedy you are seeking, such as benefits payments, the court will order the insurance company to pay the attorney's fee.

In some cases, the resolution of your claim may be a lump-sum payment. Lump sum payments are not the norm, and you do not have a right to insist on this type of remedy, but in some cases all parties to the action may decide that the best way to deal with your claim (for disability, medical expenses, or retraining) is to issue one cash payment.  In that case, the attorney's fees and expenses will be deducted from that cash settlement before the remainder is given to you.  Hope that helps.

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