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Apartment Using Common Gas Meter Legal?

I moved into an house that has 3 units, originally 2 but then one was split for an in-law apartment. I moved into this in-law apartment. There are 3 gas meters, 1 for the first apartment, 1 for the second, and then a common area meter. My landlord tells me that my apartment is on the common area gas meter. When i called to get my name on the common area meter and begin paying for the heat they told me i can't and that an apartment using a common area meter is in violation of a sanitary code. My landlord then elected to give me the bill himself so i can reimburse him for my heat usage since his name is on the meter.

My question is, in this scenario is my apartment in a Sanitary Code violation and as a result is my landlord legally obligated to put in a separate gas meter for this apartment?

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