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Apartment leaked due to roof repair, damaging furniture.

Our apartment leasing office initiated a roof repair on our building, which has been going on for more than 4 weeks. One day after the repair-workers left for the day it rained and the roof leaked heavily, flooding our living room, damaging our furniture and other precious documents. The apartment maintenance came at urgent notice and vacuumed out the water. Later midnight, it rained again, flooding the room again.

We had guests who were sleeping in the living room. This caused significant inconvenience and damage to property. Next morning, the repair contractor apologized and said he would compensate us for the damage to our furniture. But then he never showed up. On contacting him on his cell phone, he never picks up.

On approaching the apartment leasing office, they said they are not responsible and I should approach my renter's insurance company. I called them, and they came and inspected the damage and the roof.

About two weeks later, it rained again, and the roof leaked again, this time for less duration.
Yesterday (say three weeks after the first incident) the insurance company tells me that if there is no "hole" in the roof, hence there is no coverage!! (I have a coverage of $15,000 against property damage.)

What should I do ? What are my options ? Please suggest.

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