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Ammunition Blew Up destroying my AR15 While injuring Me!

I purchased ammunition from a company out of state.  I received the product 223, 55g fmj ammunition. I went to the range to fire it in my Sig AR. Well in my first magazine the gun completely blew up. I was injured and my friend sitting behind me was injured. My Sig a $1800 dollar gun was destroyed. I suffered severe bruising and minor cuts. My friend was hit in the face with shrapnel and if he was not wearing glasses would of lost his eye. I spoke with 4 other people on the Internet that also have similar experiences. I wanted to set up a Class Action Law Suit against the manufacturer.   I believe they have a 8 million dollar product liability policy.

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I certainly agree you should talk to a Massachusetts attorney about your injury, but I'm not sure that you should pursue the matter as a class action.  Talk to an attorney and see what she thinks.  Sometimes, a class action is not the best way to pursue this type of claim, and you may be better off negotiating one on one with the defendant, through your attorney.  Good luck.

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