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Age Discrimination


I recently applied for a work at home position (as a dispatcher) for a courier service. It is a small company that works primarily with with government contracts (VAs) throughout the country. During my 1st interview i was directly asked by the Operations Manager (my future direct supervisor) how old i am (37) due to the fact that my other coworkers were younger and how I would "need to try and relate" to them. The Operations Manager was poorly organized and inconsistent in his approach: all of my hiring paperwork (offer sheet, disclosure agreements, W4, payroll) didn't even get to me until my 2nd day of training.

During the interview process, it was clearly communicated what my future schedule would be after training. Since I have young children, I was very adamant about this as only certain types of schedules and jobs for that matter would be manageable. But on day 2 of my training, the Operations Manager implied that the future schedule would be different than what was originally stated. When I pushed back as to my inability to perform the new schedule, it was met with verbal speech of "we all need to be flexible." When I explained my reasoning for not being able to do the new schedule due to children and spouse's schedules, it was met with "flexibility" talk again and silence, with no sense of understanding.

After 2 days, I officially resigned through email communications to both the Operations Manager and the President of the company. I'm not looking for anything for me. I am already moving on. But considering what I experienced, I felt like the culture was that there was no flexibility for personal lives and that as someone considered "older" by their standards and with children, I was already made to fell like a difficult new employee.

As having experience working in previous management positions, asking my age and abruptly changing my future schedule felt very inappropriate.

At this point, I would like to formally send a complaint as to invoke some change and hopefully the company learns from this. Is this possible to formalize a complaint or is there not enough in my experience to do that? It might seem petty to some, but this entire experience really left a negative feeling as to how this company has been practicing. I am really concerned that their ignorance to their behaviors will continue without recourse and can negatively affect other future applicants.

Thank you for your time.

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