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After a house fire what is landlord responsible for to tenants

We were renting a single family house I am disabled my mother and aunt both elderly live with me . We did not have renters insurance I have been told since it is a 1 unit the $750 due from landlords insurance isnt given to us. We spent over $12,000 to empty the house and clean all the salvagable items and send to storage. The landlord origanally said the second floor where the fire started would have to be gutted and also most of the 1st flooor and the entire basement where there was a 1 bd apt which is illegal not rented but incluede foer our use . the basement was gutted biut the upper 2 floors were washed down and [painted only the only room gutted was the bedroom where the fire started , The landlord insists that the contractor is in charge of the renovations and he has no control over what goes on. it took from March 10th the day of the fire to July 5th to empty the house we were given back our last months rent because I asked for it due to the enormous expense to clkean and store everything . We were asked if we wanted to move back in after the renovations were finished in 6 months the night of the fire and said yes. When I exited the house for the last time on july 5th there was mold coming through the walls on the first floor and second visable clearly. The contractor told me that he had said I had 2 weeks to clearout my belongingsand I had taken longer than that. He threw out a stack of mail and belongings without my pewrmission . We had a meeting with the landlord 3 weeks ago when asked if the rent was going to go up he replied that he wasnt sure how much but "it will be all new you know" and when asked how long it was going to take he said"a very long time" and was very different from the easy going good person we had known up untill this time . I do not want to move back into a house with mold and I think he feels he can get more for the house so is gently pushing us to feel we should look else where my opinion . I spent 42 days in a hotel until finding a room to rent we spend $600 a month on storage . I spent $6,000 of my own money doing renovations to the property with his approval and we are never late with rent and keep up the property as if it were our own . Do i have any recourse to get anything from the landlord or the insurance company
Thank You Steve

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