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Adverse possession claim and Quiet Title action

How do you make a claim of adverse possesion in Massachusetts? Our family has maintained a small plot of land beside our house for 80 years and have openly used. The owner of the land live across the street and can clearly and openly see that we have always maintained and used it.

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When a party wishes to claim ownership of land through adverse possession, they bring a Quiet Title action in the appropriate court. In a Quiet Title action, one or more parties present evidence to the court and ask the court for a judicial declaration resolving all title issues and naming one party as the true owner of the land in question.  Quiet Title actions are not just used for adverse possession claims, but in any situation where the title and ownership of the property is in question.  For example, a property owner may bring a Quiet Title Action when a judgment lien was recorded against her property and remains there after she paid the judgment.  The owner uses the action to ask the court to remove the title defect.

As in any court action, you may present evidence, such as pictures, videotapes, and live testimony regarding your use of the land.  You would be wise to contact an experienced MA attorney about this matter.  Good luck.


Thank you for the information. I have the website for court forms do you know which forms I need to submit?

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