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accident in conn caused by revoked license driver

My underage child (MA resident driving in CONN)(with a new license)was hit by a driver who had license previously revoked.Was arrested at site of accident for driving with a revoked license and speeding. Neither was injured (thank GOD). Several months later other driver has an attorney and is "injured".Other insurance company called us for info about accident.We answered their questions.We are from MA and the accident occured in CONN. Whe we tried to get info from police or court we were told it was none of our business. This person could have seriously injured someone and is STILL driving.

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Not sure what the question is, but you need to contact (or your son needs to, if different) contact your insurance company and inform it of the suit.  Typically, if you are insured, the company will assign an attorney to defend.  Until you do that, I would not talk to anyone about the accident.  If someone claiming to be the representative of the "other" insurance company contacts you, tell them you need to discuss the matter with your insurer or the attorney assigned to the case before you answer questions.  Good luck.

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