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Access to Fuse Box

As a tenant, do I have a right to access the fuse box in the apartment building?

The power in my apartment has gone out twice in the last month due to a surge. We use surge protecting power strips for all appliances and most lamps, ect. but this has become a constant issue. We do not have access to the fuse box, and have to wait for the landlady to get around to flipping the switch. She lives below us. I am not sure if the box is in her apartment or the basement. Sometimes this happens when she is out for the day, and sometimes she is downstairs but is seemingly too lazy to reset the switch for hours after being notified by phone. My roommates and I pay for the electricity in our apartment.

I feel that this is going to become a growing concern for me as the winter drags on and I continue to loose the food in my fridge and the use of my space heater. Not to mention lights. Is there anything I can do get access to the fuse box when necessary? Or demand that she makes repairs to the clearly faulty electrical system in the apartment?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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My understanding on this issue, by no means authoritative, is that it is controlled by the building and electrical code.  So while the code my require new buildings to have the circuit box in the individual apartment unit, older buildings are not required to be retrofitted, because of the huge expense involved.  In older buildings, I do not believe the landlord is required to provide access to a fuse box that is located outside of the unit. 

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