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Can I sue for personal injury in small claims court in MA?

I was injured and had to pay $175 in medical bills when a neighbor of mine slammed into my bike as I was riding on the street. He was riding his bike out of his driveway and crashed into me but he refuses to pay the bill and says I should have been watching where I was going! So can I sue for personal injury in small claims court in MA and if so which one?

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Yes, you can file a claim based on a personal injury in Small Claims Court.  You can also sue to recover any damages to your bicycle.  However, you cannot recover damages in excess of $7000.  FYI, "small claims court" is not a separate court, but a session of the District Court.   If you choose to go this route, you should file your claim in the small claims session of the District Court where you and your neighbor live.  Follow this link for some helpful information about the small claims process,

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