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age that a child can decide which parent to reside with

My 14 year old daughter wants to live with me instead of her mother. What are the chances of the court awarding me as the custodial parent?

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Submitted Mon, 09/19/2011 - 16:32

The Massachusetts Probate and Family court does not have a hard and fast rule when it comes the question, "At what age does the court listen directly to child regarding custody." The guardianship statute provides that a child over the age of 14 can nominate the guardian. Since the judges of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court handle both probate and family law matters it is typical for a judge to begin to give serious weight to a child's wishes regarding custody when the child is over 14.

For specific information related to your child custody issue you should contact a Massachusetts family law attorney.

Wyckoff Nissenbaum

Follow this link to a post discussing the process that allows a minor child to express a preference for which parent to live with.  Until the child reaches the age of majority, he or she is not really allowed to dictate where she will live.

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