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21-Jun-2008 5:41 AM -- gavenotice

When is the final paycheck due upon giving 3.5 weeks notice to employer?

My supervisor never informed payroll that I left the company. My last weeks timesheet was processed, and paid the following payday.

I have yet to receive my vacation time pay, which accumulated to about 6 days.

Meanwhile, I could not make a credit card payment, and I have overdraft fees from my bank. I thought I would be paid in full on the payday following employment termination.

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Editor's Response

Under MA law, with a voluntary termination (when you quit), your former employer should deliver your last paycheck no later than the day you would have received that check if you continued your employment with the employer. In cases where the employee is fired, he or she should get the last check on the day of the termination.  For more information, see Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 149, Section 148.  MA employers can face serious sanctions under MA law if they decide to play games or withhold your final pay check.  For more information or to post a question, visit our MA Employment Law Discussion Forum.


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