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Tenant changes apartment locks after judgement


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2:37 PM

Our tenant changed the apartment door locks to his apartment after the judgment came back in our favor for possession and court fees, etc.. Now I know its against the law for the landlord to change the locks. (Would be interested in finding out what the penalties are for that.) But what happens when the tenant does? In the signed rental agreement tenant agrees to provide a key to the locks to the premises at all times.
any help appreciated. Thank you.

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5:21 AM

The tenant has violated the rental agreement, and you could seek relief at the housing court (injunction, etc.). But why not just finish the eviction? It will be a bit more costly because the constable will have to hire a locksmith to do the job, but at least you will be done with the whole mess.

Last Edited on 8-Jul-2008 5:22 AM

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