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MA Estate Planning Law (Wills/Probate) Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Massachusetts Estate Planning Law Forum. Feel free to post questions, answers, or comments about wills, trusts, guardians, probate, and other MA estate planning issues.  If you need professional legal advice, please use our Attorney Directory to find a MA estate planning attorney.

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Massachusetts Estate Planning Law Basics

Before we get to the forum, we’d like to present some basic information about estate planning in Massachusetts. Although estate planning is a broad subject that involves many areas of the law, including taxation, insurance, and property law, we can think of it as an attempt to control the way we transfer our property to those who survive us, typically our family members and friends. As you scroll through our forum, you will discover that estate planning is accomplished with many tools, including trusts and wills. If, in this synopsis or in the forum, you see terms you do not understand or that you would like more information about, just use our search tool to find more in-depth discussions.

We should probably start by defining what an estate is: everything you own or in which you have an ownership interest. Your estate plan, therefore, is the means by which you will transfer the ownership of your estate at your death. Your will is a part of this plan, a written set of instructions in which you (the testator) explain to the probate court how you want your probate assets to be distributed. Given that definition, it is important to understand that you may have assets in your estate that are non-probate assets, meaning their disposition will not be controlled by your will.

The simplest definition of a probate asset is anything held solely in an individual’s name at the time of his death, such as a bank account with only the decedent’s name on it. After the death occurs, this bank account does not have an apparent owner. In other words, we cannot look at the passbook or statement and identify the new owner of the money. Accordingly, we must look to the decedent’s will (or to the laws of intestacy if he had no will) to help us make that determination.

Non-probate assets, on the other hand, have a new owner at the moment the decedent dies. An asset such as an insurance policy with an identified beneficiary, for example, will be payable directly to that beneficiary upon the death of the person who owned the policy. This is so even if the decedent’s will states that the insurance proceeds should go to a person other than the named beneficiary. Why? Because a decedent’s will does not control the distribution of non-probate assets. So, rather than passing through the probate process, the insurance policy proceeds are disbursed according to the contractual terms of the policy. Similarly, any property placed in a trust during the decedent’s lifetime will be distributed according to the terms of the trust.

Property might also fall outside of the probate process because of the way its ownership is structured. For example, a decedent may have owned an asset, such as a piece of real estate, with another person as “joint tenants with rights of survivorship.” When one owner dies, full ownership of the jointly owned real property will pass directly to the surviving joint owner, without regard to the provisions of the decedent’s will.

Now that we understand the role a will plays in distributing our estates—and how that role is limited—let’s look at some nuts and bolts. We are all familiar with the most basic part of a will: an identification of the person or persons we want to inherit our property. Some wills identify specific property, but others use generic language, such as “all my possessions and property.” Your will should also name an executor, the person you identify as being responsible for the management of your estate, as well as an alternate executor, in case your first choice is unwilling or unable to serve. As long as the document is properly executed, that’s pretty much all you need for a valid will in Massachusetts.

If you do not have a will, or if your will is invalid, you may die “intestate.” In cases when a person dies intestate, his probate assets are distributed according to statutory guidelines that are extremely rigid. After the payment of expenses related to estate administration, funeral and other debts, and taxes, the decedent’s property is distributed according to a formula that is lengthy and covers many contingencies.

Regardless of whether the decedent had a will or not, whenever a person’s estate contains probate assets, they will be subject to the probate process. This legal proceeding takes place in the Probate and Family Court in the county where he resided. The probate process provides for: the collection and preservation of the decedent’s probate assets; the payment of all debts and taxes owed by the estate; and the determination of the proper distribution of the assets. The process usually starts when someone, often the person named as the personal representative in the will (the “PR”), files a petition for the allowance of the will. If there is no will, an interested party, such a family member, may file a petition for the administration of the estate. After an initial determination that the will is valid or that there is no will, the court will appoint a PR for the decedent’s estate.

Generally speaking, if you can avoid probate through good estate planning, you should. One of the best tools for probate avoidance is the trust. Estate planning attorneys love trusts because, more than any other estate planning document, a well drafted trust can satisfy a whole host of client objectives, including asset protection and tax avoidance. Without going into too much detail we can describe a trust as a contract between the person who establishes the trust (the trustor) and the person who holds legal title to the assets in the trust (the trustee). The trustee agrees to follow the instructions that the trustor has included in the trust for the maintenance and eventual distribution of the property.

Hope all that helps.  Please enjoy this and our other forums and let us know what you think.

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Took my name off the deed now want proceeds from sale
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Nominee Trust
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Probate needed with with small estate?
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How to start probate process
Hi, Both of my parents have passed away. I recently received a letter from their bank saying they had a safe deposit box. The box has been inacti...
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Special needs trust or supplemental needs trust in MA?
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Do I need a HIPAA Release for my Healthcare proxy agent in MA?
I'm getting my estate plan redone and I have an attorney who seems competent. However, as part of the "package" she's having me do a HIPAA Release be...
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Changing my will under MA law?
Thank you for this forum. I've found a lot of useful information. Hopefully this is a simple questions and I'm sorry if it's already been answered. ...
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How does probate start in Massachusetts?
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Do estates have to pay an estate tax in Massachusetts?
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Can Voluntary Administrator Collect a Debt Owed to Estate
Can a Voluntary Administrator collect a debt owed to the estate? I owe the debt and am also a beneficiary. I have been told by two lawyers that he can...
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What property can't be transferred by a will in MA?
First, I know it's good advice but please don't tell me I should hire an attorney to do my will. I can't afford it right now and I want to use one of...
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PR documenation for asset transfer or access ?
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My mother is 76 years old now and on a limited income. When she's ready for a nursing home will that be paid by Medicare or Medicaid or will we have ...
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Gay and lesbian estate planning specialist in MA?
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inheriting a car but can't find the title
I am from out of state and have a feeling I will have little luck in contacting the MA RMV by phone. So assuming I have to drive the 2 hours to MA to...
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Where should I keep my estate planning documents?
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Personal Representative in MA running small business after death
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Powers of personal representative in MA estate
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Transfer of real estate by personal representative in MA
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IRA beneficiary designation to nominee trust
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Appeal based on Lawyer failing to declare estate
My Lawyer after being told before hand I was in my Mother estate plan where I was listed on the deeds to her house and 25 acres of farm land in 61A, d...
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Record keeping for power of attorney in MA
My uncle is now 85 years old and has asked me to help him with his finances. I'm happy to do it and I agreed to be his power of attorney. But he has...
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Does durable power of attorney work after death?
I have a couple of bank accounts that I share with my wife and that's about it. The car is in both our names. I have a durable power of attorney which...
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Does marriage revoke existing will in Massachusetts?
Hello. I have seen this question answered in different ways on many different sites on the web. I live in MA and I'm getting married in two months a...
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Will exists; only assets are in joint bank account
My elderly father in MA is quite ill and not expected to live long. He has a will and I (living out of state) am the executor ("personal representativ...
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Family Allowance under new probate code
My brother passed away last month after he had named me as his personal representative in his will. He did this after discussing the matter with his ...
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Why does probate take so long in Massachusetts?
I know I'm going to sound like a greedy person here, but I've been waiting 10 months for my sister to finish with our father's probate and I still do ...
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by MillieR
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Can kids see a copy of my will before I die?
I'm a widow with three grown children. I would describe myself as comfortable but not rich by any stretch of the imagination. My kids are generally ...
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Living Will the same thing as a Do Not Resuscitate order in MA?
Hi. I'm trying to help my mom do a little estate planning work and she would like to set up some documents for her medical care as she gets older. U...
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by SueG99
1 year 43 weeks ago
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Moving to Massachusetts with healthcare proxy from another state?
Hi. I lived in New York for over ten years. While there I had a healthcare proxy made up and signed it. My healthcare agent that I named in the pro...
1 1 year 43 weeks ago
by TigerL88
1 year 43 weeks ago
by The Editor
Family liable for debts of deceased love one in MA?
My Uncle died and I have received a notice of claim for an extraordinary amount of money. I am not his next of kin (he has children and grandchildren)...
2 2 years 4 weeks ago
by doktorhawk
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Irrevocable trust in MA for Medicaid planning?
Hello. I would like to do some Medicaid planning and put my house in an irrevocable trust. If I do that will I be able to I collect income earned by...
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by oldman55
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Right of Beneficiary to Accounting from POA
I am a beneficiary of my father's estate. The POA is stonewalling on providing an accounting of his assets, and has filed for Voluntary Administration...
3 1 year 45 weeks ago
by airie32
1 year 45 weeks ago
by The Editor
Siblings Contesting Me as Personal Representative
I was named as the Personal Representative of my father's estate. There are six beneficiaries, including myself. Three beneficiaries (my siblings) are...
1 1 year 45 weeks ago
by airie32
1 year 45 weeks ago
by The Editor
Nephew with trust died intestate in MA
Me Nephew died without out a will. Except for a few cousins he has no other relatives that I'm aware of. At an earlier time his mother set up a trust ...
3 2 years 4 weeks ago
by Roderick A. MacLeod
1 year 46 weeks ago
by The Editor
How do I register or transfer car after death of a Parent
My Fiancee Passed Away in My arms back in January No Will Only valuable Possesion Was A 2000 Chevy Impala How Do I Get The Title In Her Daughters Name...
3 1 year 50 weeks ago
by LLOYD65
1 year 50 weeks ago
by admin
Right to an accounting of estate before and after death in MA?
I am a nephew of an uncle who has died recently...I have received a letter from a cousin who was his trustee to sign to get 5% of his will as a benefi...
2 2 years 1 week ago
by dcigonni
2 years 1 week ago
by dcigonni
Inheritance after I file bankruptcy
I filed bankruptcy in 2012. My mom passed away this year,2013,and I inherited half of her assets ( my sister gets the other half).Can any of the credi...
2 2 years 4 weeks ago
by IRS
2 years 4 weeks ago
by Boston Probate ...
Proper notice re probate and trust in Massachusetts
The parent recently died, and had set up a revocable trust in which all her children are omitted. One child was named to be the executor, and is apply...
1 2 years 4 weeks ago
by Beth
2 years 4 weeks ago
by Local Lawyer

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